Success Stories

Making the most of a new kitchen

I contacted Anne for advice on how best to organize my stuff into my newly renovated kitchen so that I could fully benefit from the new counters, cabinetry and appliances that I had just purchased. Although initially, I was a little embarrassed about needing help (I should know how to do this, after all), I was also getting tired of having to run out mid-recipe to buy or borrow an ingredient that was actually lurking in some inaccessible spot in my pantry!

Anne helped me implement a more mindful approach to setting up my new kitchen. She was easy to talk to and she put a lot of effort into understanding my needs, so that she could provide suggestions and tips that would work well for me, rather than a “one size fits all” solution. She helped me attack what had seemed to be a daunting project and I was amazed at how much we accomplished in just a few hours on a Thursday night.

I would highly recommend the “The Kitchen Director” service.

- Patricia L

Making Conscious Choices in the Kitchen

Thank you very much for speaking to The Women’s Canadian Club of Toronto about “Eating Locally and Other Kitchen Decisions that Really Matter.” Your talk drew an audience of 77 women, and several members let me know how much they enjoyed listening to you.

You have a personable and engaging manner and you presented the material in a way that allows each of us to make decisions about cleaning products, organic foods and other environmental issues based on what we feel is best for our families.

- Mona Shaw, President, The Women’s Canadian Club of Toronto

Your Kitchen – A Personal Tour

Anne’s confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge match her professional title of Kitchen Director. Anne taught me about the wonderful world of Asian spices and cooking in a private 8-week course that was completely personalized just for me. She then advised me how to organize our kitchen so both my husband and I could co-habit in our kitchen together. Anne allowed me to ask questions and her answers were friendly and knowledgeable. Whether you need Anne to recommend certain cook books, cleaning methods, organize your kitchen or teach you in a group or individually she offers a wonderful service to help each and every one of us cope better in the kitchen. I highly recommend you call her to remedy the many challenges you may have in Your Kitchen.

- Susan K. Tomaszewski, President and co-owner of Diaper-eez.

A Kitchen Success Story:

JH is a busy mom of a dynamic three-year-old child, who works full-time from home in a business she runs with her husband.

They have a nanny, and also receive regular child care and visits from grandparents who also join them for meals.

JH’s time is very limited and she was finding it stressful to balance the dietary needs and preferences of five adults while trying to also keep health and the environment in mind.

She doesn’t really like to cook, and also found it a struggle to get things done in a crowded and disorganized kitchen. Lunch was often take-out and dinner was always a scramble.

She tried some organization strategies on her own, like putting items into see-through containers, and it helped a bit, but didn’t address the bigger picture of the kitchen problems she was having.

She had heard about Kitchen Coaching from our connection in the neighbourhood and from attending some of the same networking events, and decided to give it a try.

De-cluttering this small kitchen space was a must, and made a big difference. It was much easier and quicker to identify what ingredients were available to make a meal, and which ones needed to be added to the grocery list. This task was handled in two 3-hour sessions. The second session was invaluable as a check-in on which changes had worked with the family’s day-to-day routines and which hadn’t.

We also sat down together at J’s kitchen table to look at which time management tools and appliances could help the family. And there were some parenting issues surrounding food and meal times.

Because the family is committed to environmental issues, I provided JH with information about eco-options for cleaning the kitchen and farmers’ markets and other sources of good quality food.

Since our work together, JH reports that the family spends less money on groceries because she has a clear view of what’s in her cupboards. And she’s better able to manage everyone’s dietary plans, with the menu plan we put into place.

Cooking is less daunting because it’s easier to identify and locate ingredients and tools in the kitchen. And best of all, there is less stress at meal time because meals are planned ahead of time and because the tools are in place to make the plan work.


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